Saturday, January 02, 2010

how does, or, if you prefer, how would one escape the confines of their own mind? i walk into the local convenient store to buy some ciggies, but can't help but wondering what's on the clerk's mind: is he focused on the score of the latest bengal's game? is he trying to estimate the stock he ought to put in an order for next week? or is he actually, focused on the nickels and dimes i may spend with him, or rather, who is this chic killing herself with cancer sticks??

Monday, November 30, 2009

cuff couture

i wonder if wearing a cuff is cop-out or a risk. i meant, for the former, you aren't required to create art from a montage of various pieces, but the latter, well, cuff's are quite the statement.
scorpion cuff by hayden harnett, peacock cuff on, cherry blossom cuff on

jacket chic

i sometimes find a jacket i love too much to take off when indoors. almost as if i'm dressing around this chic piece of cloth...these three are all lovely!
from left, free people on tobi, free people on shopbop and eva evanovich on

what is it about purple right now that has me screaming "mercy!!"? i desperately want a fun pair of purple pumps. these velvet angels peep toe pumps are dashing, a bit pricey for me, but oh-so-much fun! of course, this pair of dollhouse phenoms from akira in chicago are lovely, too, and much more affordable. but, there i struggle with the urge to get the blue ones...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

summer's gone (i think we even managed to skip fall...), but these dresses practically scream sunny days...i suppose that why the white one was called "fairytale."

i love etsy. unique, amazing pieces. plus, i feel like i'm supporting small, "local" vendors. kindof like the 3/50 project (check it out!!)
ahh, the stiletto heel. a killer style and a killer asset. when i'm 80, hunched and unable to wear such gems, what will i do?

i'm planning on using these images as backdrops for some polyvore fun...gotta love male models that aren't completely emaciated or look like two-year-old boys...

i absolutely love this look...i'd kill for a tight arse and toned thighs that could pull the legging, sans full coverage, look off. i suppose i could work out, but i'd rather sit on that arse than exercise;-)