Friday, October 23, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

summer's gone (i think we even managed to skip fall...), but these dresses practically scream sunny days...i suppose that why the white one was called "fairytale."

i love etsy. unique, amazing pieces. plus, i feel like i'm supporting small, "local" vendors. kindof like the 3/50 project (check it out!!)
ahh, the stiletto heel. a killer style and a killer asset. when i'm 80, hunched and unable to wear such gems, what will i do?

i'm planning on using these images as backdrops for some polyvore fun...gotta love male models that aren't completely emaciated or look like two-year-old boys...

i absolutely love this look...i'd kill for a tight arse and toned thighs that could pull the legging, sans full coverage, look off. i suppose i could work out, but i'd rather sit on that arse than exercise;-)

Friday, October 09, 2009

and i'm done...for now;-)

lipalicious,'s true, they're one of y fetishes. i have lovely full lips, but they're "pruny" and as such, don't hold color too well...i'm a gloss girl.


if i buy one more pair of shoes, my beaux might kick me out of house and home...i suppose, at least then, i might have enough closet space to fit all my shoes...much less clothes!
jurra on
elle's street chic daily is unexpressably inspirational, particularly when it's foxy looks like this!! i just bought a pair of zipper leggings yesterday (target!!!). and what with urban's 30% off all outerwear, well i might just have to get a baby pink leather motorcycle jacket...

on that note, i finally bought a pair of REAL winter boots (i've live in the great white north for 8-some years)! sorel and all...had to be repeatedly assured they were cute and not too boyish...i wavered between these and the northface altrec...

i hate winter, cute boots or no. i mean, yes, they are seasonal, in some cases, but in minnesota, where we live for our summers, it's hard to bring oneself to wear boots before the october chill strikes. i suppose i could make an exception, or two...

princess pop on! in truth, i think part of me surfes this website more and more for the gorgeous
but, how old is too old to wear these cute little numbers?

these make me wish i could twist my sh*t like the blonde in "great balls of fire"! and
beyond the uncanny remembrance of avril lavrigne, i do love this sketch!
found this on - it's already on my christmas list!
thought i'd share some fun images i found...break up the shopaholic monotony!
i've almost completely stopped from wearing a ring on my ring finger. i feel like people tend to jump far-too quickly to the wrong impression. but, for crying out loud, i only have ten fingers!! apropo flower child ring on; pyramid ring on

i'm trying to convince myself that rings (and i suppose other jewelry, though i tend to wear rings far more often), unlike shoes and even bags are investment pieces. so, it's not a huge "gasp" if i should spend a lot on them. they're timeless, no? at least some of these are;-) better than the usual crap i scrounge from forever21...
clockwise from top left:
this site is an absolute gem!:
shopflick's a regular fav: peacock couture

playing catch up

this is a doorbell i found on, it's no longer there!! so, i'm going to try and spend the next hour or so to catch up on transferring twinkles from cache to my blog.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Saturday, October 03, 2009

shopbop dreams and the first, not just for its chili pepper color, but its airy character and, much like the forest green one at its side, sheer simple sexiness. as for stripes, well, love a shawl collar.