Wednesday, September 30, 2009

like i said, magazine if anyone needed telling that.

let's not forget various websites' amazing look books!! i don't know what would be better: being payed to dream up these fabulous look-montages, or setting and shooting them! shopbop has great look books, as do the two previously mentioned (refinery29 and nymag-fashion). but nearly every retail site tries its thumb at it. of course, there's always the standard fallback of magazine spreads....

i spend so much time couped on in an office in suburbia minnesota that i far-too rarely get a chance to take note (much less record) a great deal of streetstyle. which is why i love scouring blogs like refinery29 or even just nymag-fashion for their spreads!
spring '10 runway fun...paul smith on left, christopher kane (alice in wonderland reminiscent) below.

spring '10 runway fun!
top, down:
matt will, burberry,
i have no clue! help!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i love perusing fashion week photos (big tie between street walkers and runway walkers...). but, i could never a) pull any of these looks together, much less b) wear them!!
for more, check out refinery29.c0m

Monday, September 21, 2009

jimmy choo for H&M - so exciting.
for more, check out

spring 2010

love the flowy, near-hourglass shape scattered among many pieces in sass & bide's spring '10 collection.
for more, check out

spring 2010

really love some of matthew williamson's spring '10 designs, including this one;-)
for more, check out
3 garbage bags of versace, one miami photographer naomi fisher, and we get a photo shoots that reminds one rather frighteningly of the last couple episodes of true blood...
more at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

just two girlfriend ranosha (one of the most stylish chicks i know) got me a fabulous alfani shoulder bag about a month i mentioned below, i like my purses little. until now. i love my new bag! and now i keep big-bag hunting...they're so much pricier! bad news;-)

big buddha and marc jacobs on

from derek lam, to target glam. both tasty!

the claw is so voodoo chic! cleo on

argh!! so angry! can't for the life of me remember where i found these charms!
clutch at these...i was always a shoe girl. and when it came to purses, they had better be small enough to dance free and fancy free with, and big enough for my ciggies...otherwise, shoes were my go-to accessory. times wants get pricier...
the first two are fabulousness
the second is celestina on couture lab - check out this site if only for aesthetic pleasure!

a little dsquared creativity. ok, ok, so winter shoe-shopping can be a blast;-)

the curved pattern is ever-so-sexy and flattering...
vonlipsy on
seriously...ok, so the first is a capelet, and doesn't accenuate the clavicle like the second, but, i love the grecian look, too.
a.l.c. and torn on

i love one-sleeve, one-shoulder, what have you styles. i think it's a clavicle fetish...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

never knew there was such thing as a degree in happy!

gretchen walker

always amazed that husband-to-be dont spring for the creative. i understand sticking with a classic, but there's something so touching (and delicious) about rings that are works of art!

peacock feathers make me shiver - not sure if it's having been bitten by one in my youth, or the amazing colors!


hard to imagine that my high school bore such genius
dannijo on shopbop

i've sworn of marriage (not out of any rainbow-solidarity - though, i fully support the cause), more or less out of a total lack of understanding why anyone would want to...
but i do love rings! and octopi never looked so lovely!
cobochon on vivre

for the full effect of this lovely celestina pica shell ring, check out some of the alternate images on net-a-porter!
ahhh tres chic!
marni - ahh, the marriage of bone and pyrite.
marni studden bone ring on

alexis bittar does some of the most amazing things with, well, everything lovely!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

More shoe fun...
Just a little shoe loverliness...