Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Botox Tax?

wow...i wonder if such a tax would pass if the senate had more, that's not sexist, it's apologist;-)
The Botox Tax?

love zippers (unless of course they are stuck and they snag my clothes...or pinch my skin..or i'm too hefty to get them all the way up...)...there are some chic and cheap zipper fashions on, too. but does a fabulous job of spotlighting the trend.
looking yummy like rock candy, mctega's jewelry collections are dripping with sugar and creative intuition...hands off!
check out the collections on
fun little site...from this nifty fruit bowl, to tea papers (not sure what those are for - anyone?), this site is a fun and affordable browse...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

certainly couldn't hurt one in the pursuit of virtue...of course, not sure consumerism has ever been qualified as a virtue.
will ferrel kicks? there are no words...

as if we aren't inundated with enough health studies telling us just how bad our favorite vices really are....turns out, tanning is just as bad for you as arsenic.
anyone up for a game of marbles? if you're anything like me, when you were younger, you horded marbles (more often than not, not to play with, because they were so damy perty!). with this new line from maleen-neel, we don't have to hide them in our sock drawers anymore!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and to think, i made my own stola (toga) in 7th grade...if only...
as if being based out of tahiti wasn't they have designer duds from balenciaga!!

check out this new york time's piece about
of course the set is sold...
but, there are others to browse on

i grew up in florida, and honestly, wasn't too fond of jacksonville. but, i've never stopped loving the charm of beach-inspired and beach-created fashion pieces. this coral necklace is just hot.
more pierre hardy for gap!!
check it out on or
can't say that skinny jeans are my favorite fashion staple. they just look strange on me. and now they have skinny jeans that can be adjusted for skinny and fat days? my oh my...perhaps one shouldn't wear "skinny" jeans if skinny has left the building...
check it out on racked
i really need a pair of glasses (i've been getting progressively blinder). wonder what it would cost to have these fitted with my prescription lens...any ideas?
rhinestone studded cateye frames on

this asian-inspired dress, while not the sexiest, is simply stunning with the various shades of pink sequins patterned in the shape of a serpent of sorts on top of the shell white...
sequined gown on
SOLD! but doesn't mean i can't appreciate it's 50s, hawaiian motif...i particularly love the shawl - i think it's detachable!
50s hawaiian floral dress at
not a bad trend for someone living in the great white north to follow...
check it out on
this is one hot spread. inspired by the new movie "runaways," check it out on refinery 29.
moxsie has some of the newest, chicest independent labels for sale on its site...and what's more, part of the proceeds from each sale goes to a charity of your choice!!!
check it out on is way too much at your own risk;-)
"Express your style.
Mix & match products from your favorite stores.
Shop looks created by the web's largest fashion community."

Monday, July 27, 2009

wondering if thise doesn't have some wiccan significance..?
circle pendant necklace on

if only it flipped open to reveal a timepiece...
cinch your waste with a bit of pizzazz.

oh my gosh! how to catch a thief...grace kelly, no?
reminds me of my mom might have worn......

i would never think to dress this dress up with red it!!!

our state fair is a great state fair...
if my bf would just ante up with those salsa lessons, i could totally be his spanish rose.
could really use a wide-brimmed gardening hat about now...
who couldn't use some vintage good fortune? be able to wear yellow, any yellow...
i could almost be betsy draper!
petit fours dress on
oh, to be 5 again, when skipping wasn't exercise, but a way of life...
childhood memories bag on
now, if i only i had the vintage wedding dress to wear with this clutch...
vintage pearl oyster pursue on
a simple bandage dress goes feral with chic red and black...
herve leger strapless bandage dress at
"one-of-a-kind." love etsy...
flirty white cotton dress on
ahhhh!!! i'm in love, again. and again, why did i never take up dance...? not that that would help me with the $795 price tag...
donna karan knot-front top at
by following, i mean in date and time;-). i have a tee like this from and i love it! of course, it was a tenth of the price...
long-sleeve tees so rarely get the attention to detail they deserve...this, and some of the following, are fabulous efforts!
rick owens lilies twist-front jersey top @

if i try hard enough, i may at least be able to fantasize about sweating and plieing across a stage with a perhaps younger, mikhail baryshnikov...
ok, i promise, this is the last of my net-a-porter drooling (well, over blouses anyhow). i'm trying to imagine the chic brassiere i would have to don under such loveliness..
malene birger demi-sheer ruffle blouse at
ok, maybe a little too prim and near-straight-jacket-esque, but i'd melt like vanilla ice cream in this silk...
alexander mcqueen silk crepe pleated blouse at

this blouse makes me wish i were a teacher at a british boarding school!!!

makes me wish i could have a tea party...of course, at $1395, i could have that party with madge.
at $1290, this blouse is no doubt, over-priced. but, i can't help but indulge in at least a little guilty browsing...
robert cavalli silk animal-print blouse at

Sunday, July 26, 2009

chicest way to keep your ciggies, and it fits in my smallest clutch!

i live in the great white north and i smoke...'suppose with the latter health concern i probably need not worry about my poor fingertips